Friday, February 03, 2006

Walking the dog


mai said...

Hello SanVered and Kuro-chan!
How beautiful snowscape!!
Kuro-chan lookes very happy.
I want to go for a walk with Maro in there.
I think She will be certainly pleased.
By the way, who is person in picture?
You looks like another person in this picture.
A surprising thing happened yesterday!
It was snow heavily, besides the snow lay a little.
It was unusual things in here.
I was very surprised and excited.
I went for walk in the snow with Maro at once.
I was freezing, but I enjoyed myself.
The snow melted now, but It remain on the mountain.
The mt,Tenjo of snowscape is so great.

I'll see you.
Would you please see my dog on next lesson.
Until then, take best care!!

mai said...

Hello SanVerde!

This is official homepage of kouzu island.The Mt,Tenjo of snowscape appear in today's Maehama!
Would you please see it if you had spare time.
I'll see you!

mai said...

Hello again!
I'm sorry,I had a mistake.
It is not Today's Maehama, but Today's kouzusima!「本日の神津島」