Wednesday, February 15, 2006

For Adel Posted by Picasa


nrg2000 said...


Love the fish, both Kaori & I have a lot of fish as well. Look forward to more pics :-)

mai said...

Hello SanVerde.
How beautiful the fish looks!
Is this fish called "Adel" by everybody? Is this yours?
I had a lot of toropicai fish when I was a child. I think probably that the fishes name is "Guppi".
Parents still loves fish and dog. Parents has four dogs now. Their name is
"Daichi" "sudare" "Hime" "Yume".
Daichi is 19 years old. He is so cute and very wise like Kuro-chan.

Adel said...

Risck, You can't believe it but one of the fish still alive and Genki. The only one that survived. He must be 4 years old at least.

paul scheffer said...

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