Friday, March 14, 2008

Here she is!
A very healthy Kuro.


miracle.leaf said...

I'm very happy!
Any separation from you will sad.
We can not talk but we can feel..

SanVerde said...

It was almost 4 months away from her....
I was very happy to see she was taken very good care of!

Anonymous said...

I missed Kuro too. Of course, I haven´t met her yet, even you SanVerde, but I always visited here to see Kuro´s photos.
She is smart.

SanVerde said...

Thank you for saying so!
She really deserves such kind words. When we go out for walks, many a person stops to admire her charming ways!
Perhaps the most notoriety she has had yet was just the other day at a large department store downtown. I simply wanted to pop into The Bay to say Hi to a friend that works there on the main floor. There were no signs on the front of the store forbidding dogs, so I took her inside and almost everyone stopped to say how sweet she was. Once a crowd gathered around her, even more people came round to see why the others had gathered! Kuro loved the attention. I was much more shy and after just a few minutes' chat with my friend made a quick exit from the store.