Friday, June 29, 2007

Ominous clouds over BC Place stadium


Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,

I like your photos. Kuro is so... kawaii !!!
I have a black dog too. His name is "Fofinho" (translating ... "little cute").
Always I have time, I take a look your blog. You don´t know me, but I´ve heard about you since I was in Montreal. I came back to my country 2 years ago.
When I see the pictures about Canada, I miss so much. One day, maybe, I go back. I haven´t known Vancouver is so nice ! Your pictures are fantastic, creative. I ´ve realized your "focus" is "things", not "people". Why do you show your conception about people, show your vision, your feelings... waiting for new photos, Bye

SanVerde said...

Hello P,

Thank you for your kind words!
Your comments left me not only happy but also wondering who you are... ;-)

I was glad to get some constructive criticism. You've really made me wonder why I don't portray humans.

I'm sure one day you'll find your way back to Canada...perhaps with Fofinho!